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Don't Look Around
Look Within

 I was raised by my grandmother in Atlantic City New Jersey.  My mother died before I turned a year old and I have never known my father.  In my youth, Atlantic City was voted one of the most dangerous cities in the United States.  Drugs, prostitution, gambling, alcohol and any vice that could make money was accessed easily.   I grew up watching my grandmother bust her butt to provide for me.  This is the foundation that holds me up through the trials and errors of life. 

Basketball became my sport of choice as a youth.  A loving family, community, great mentors, hard work, dedication and a love for the sport helped me become nationally recognized as an athlete. I then went on to earn a full basketball scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh where I earned my degree while making great friends and playing on some pretty good teams.

A 13 year professional career in Spain allowed me to interact with and appreciate people from all walks of life.  My experiences allow me to access youth where they are share what I found to be important keys that open doors of opportunity.

Our mission at BMB Training is to share effective solutions  both on and off the court.  We aim to help clients recognize and effectively utilize the power they have within themselves.

My Story: About

Learning how to play is fun; learning how to compete is rewarding!

Our evolution as people gives meaning to our creation.  Our evolution as players give meaning to why we play the game.  As in life, the playing field in sports always changes.  The  size of challenge in a competitive world increases and the opportunities become fewer. My evolution as a player and coach have been well documented.  My evolution as a man and mentor is still ongoing.  As I evolve, so does my program.  My extensive background and education easily qualify me to help you as an athlete.  However, the experiences and lessons I share with you as young men and women will take you much further than basketball ever will. The discipline required becomes a lifestyle, a type of religion if you will.

  However, I won't be asking you to pray to any outside force.  I will  encourage you to recognize and develop the strength within.  I will be asking you to look within.  Over the years, my business model has provided essential impact and lasting changes that have led to many success stories.  We will share effective solutions that help you recognize the power you have within yourselves.  In other will learn to not talk about it, but be about it.

My Story: About
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