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“It's easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken men”

Frederick Douglass

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As parents, we understand that there are no better investments than the ones we make in our children.  The  physiological and emotional changes in them seem to happen in the blink of an eye. Children become oblivious to the lessons we want to share and words of wisdom fall on deaf ears. As parents, we often look for positive outside influences to guide and assist them through the difficult yet necessary process of maturing.

  The process of raising children is anything but linear.  Only by stepping away from what we know do we learn.

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What young athletes see from their heroes today is a little concerning to me.  I see false demonstrations of bravado from young players who have accomplished nothing.  I believe in celebrating great moments with a quiet inner peace while learning to acknowledge the not so good moments as opportunity to improve.  It's not about the next pair of shoes or the next YouTube video.  Its only about their evolution as young players and people.  Sharing these lessons through basketball and strength training is my passion, my purpose and my pleasure.

Letter To Parents: About

 One of the best things I ever did was let someone else coach my son.  You can imagine the difficulty with this because basketball was my life and my ego was taking the hit.  Creating the coach and parent distance allowed me to talk with him and not at him.  It allowed me to be Dad. 

Should you decide to squarely focus on investing in quality programming for your child, know that my program is the option for you.  I closely follow my clients and will be a trustworthy resource for many of your basketball concerns.  I look forward to sharing many meaningful moments with you and your family as we watch the evolution of your child.  I am not here to make them basketball stars.  I can, with your help, play my part in assisting you to move them strongly in a positive direction.  Thank you for your time.

Bobby Martin

Letter To Parents: About
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