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Testimonials: Welcome

"Tonight, the wife and I got to see YOUR work on display.  He did things on the floor he would not have thought of last year.  His confidence was on high. Many people commented on how much stronger he looks.  Thanks for putting in the time,  Definitely paying off"


Testimonials: Testimonials

You took me out of the dumps and made me a D League All star.  The work we put in was extra special because of your  leadership.  We do it together and the vibes are great.  Bobby helps you as a person and as a basketball player.  You need to improve both to be a pro!!  He makes you do too many pull ups though, lol."

Dennis Clifford

Testimonials: Testimonials
Congrats to the  Concord Carlisle High S

Bobby Martin has worked with the Concord Carlisle boys basketball team in the off season for the past two years. He has helped the boys in the program immensely during this time. Bobby takes the time to get to know the boys he works with and provides training specific to each boys strengths and weaknesses. My son has trained with Bobby Martin for the past three years. He has worked with my son on both basketball skill development and strength and conditioning with excellent results.  He  looks forward to continuing to work with Bobby in the summer during his college years.

Testimonials: Testimonials
You say you want to be a good player yet

"Never got a chance to thank you for all the knowledge and things on and off the court that I learned from you.  You were the one that always encouraged and criticized me no matter how well or poorly I played lol .  You got me to be a man about ideas and apply them on the court instead of putting my head down and running.  I just want say we wouldn't have accomplished what we did without you and I definitely wouldn't be the player I've grown up to be"

Div 1 player

Testimonials: Testimonials
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